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Hot Box - J.I.D; Joey Bada$$; Method Man

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Hot Box
Ca sĩ: J.I.D; Joey Bada$$; Method Man
Sáng tác: J.I.D
Album: DiCaprio 2 Listen Album
Sản xuất: Dreamville/Interscope (2018)

[Intro: DJ Drama]
Oh yeah, DJ Drama!

[Chorus: Joey Bada$$ & DJ Drama]
I'm trapped in my mind, I need help (I need help)
I'm still going, gangster
I sit back and recline, and inhale (And inhale)
Bitch I'm back on my grind, you can't tell
When I hit the spliff, only time we face L's.

[Verse 1: J.I.D]
Uh, okay, I stepped in this bitch like I stepped in some shit
Right, left, right, left, left, hop, dip, skip
J.I.D, dipshit, the spliff lit, I'm lifted
I'm finna hit the zip lick for zip-lock bags so keep your lip zipped
Shit poppin' like ten zits, I got a little weed oil
Pull it when the pen lit, that's a good drag
He be high as fuck in a minute, and that's a good bag
I got it from my Cali plug and she's a dentist
Back in the book bag, I roll it, light it, no look pass
That's too gassy, sulfuric acid, girl you nasty
Now the lips of this spliff is like wet as shit from your lipstick
You could just have it, but you still got a fatty
Still managing to come up with the magic in the true fashion
J.I.D Milly Rockin' through the madness (Madness)
Silly cockroaches don't forget the Glock is closer to me
So when you approach him or greet him do it with kosher (Kosher)
We can smoke and you can watch me roll it up
Stay away from them niggas tryna sneak Cosby in your cup
Told you one time, I ain't gon' do molly with you but
You so fine, I'd try and do some molly off your bu-, heheheh
I ain't tryna sabatoge your killer vibe
I made a joke so I can hide what it is I really feel inside
But in your mind, I be wildin' and I'm high out of my mind.

[Interlude: DJ Drama]

[Verse 2: Method Man]
Ayy, look
Light a booger up, wedgie in the butt, yep, we pulling up
My cup runneth over, theirs ain't full enough
They bad but that ain't good enough
They mad 'cause they ain't half of what I'm cookin' up
Taraji out in line, giving cookies up
Plug in my supply, need a jumper cable, why?
Gon' hook me up, the devil is a lie (Lie)
Who won't shush me up, I heard he got that fire
Gon' kush me up, I'm gone
Push me up, mister how high, that I can kiss the sky
Gon' look me up
She pushing up her bra, like cookies looking cushy in the jar
Told her book me, hit the nookie up tomorrow
See police be tryna book me 'cause they put me in Segal
You's a rookie, I'ma boogie 'fore you put me in the car
I got beef with my connect, I'm vexed
'Cause you see his THC is not correct, I think he should not collect
Not upset, I ain't trippin', what, he pitchin' out his best
Should be glad my hand is gripped around his spliff and not his neck, yes
This not a bogie, you already know the smell
Not that codeine, I heard that lean is deadly for your health
If you know me, then know that I already got some L's
Of some OG, so you can smoke that Reggie by yourself.

[Chorus: Joey Bada$$]
Ha, I'm trapped in my mind, I need help (I need help)
I sit back and recline, and inhale (And inhale)
Hot Box lyrics on
Bitch I'm back on my grind, you can't tell
When I hit the spliff, only time we face L's.

[Verse 3: Joey Bada$$]
Eenie miney moe, I pick a flow and set sail
J.I.D and Joey, they say we the best out
They studying the methods, tell them, "Pass the sesh now"
I'm a walking legend walking with my chest out
Please babe don't you push me 'cause I'm off the indo
My silence got 'em politicin' with them hedged outs
You hooked up on my findings, I'm hooked on this chemdawg
I smoke on the regular, you smokin' that Reginald
Look y'all ain't ready for this, I'm back spasmin'
Chain too heavy, it's giving me back spasm
Pardon the sarcasm, inside it's all pessim'
I rides the beat until it have a bargasm
Pregnant pause, bitch I might shoot the club up
I'm way too raw, I'm going in without a rubber
I'm smokin' on this fire batch, it got me raisin' hell
While I hold this Mac-11 screaming, "Fuck twelve".

[Chorus: Joey Bada$$]
I'm trapped in my mind, I need help (I need help)
I sit back and recline, and inhale (And inhale)
Bitch I'm back on my grind, you can't tell (You can't tell)
When I hit the spliff, only time we face L's (Face L's)
I'm trapped in my mind, I need help
I sit back and recline, and inhale
Bitch I'm back on my grind, you can't tell
When I hit the spliff, only time we face L's.

[Outro: DJ Drama]
Ride out
That's what you call generations, and generation now
Know that, J.I.D.

Hot Box - J.I.D; Joey Bada$$; Method Man
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