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Freaky Girls - Lil Wyte; Jelly Roll; V.V.S

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Edit Warning Ghi chú: Bạn đang nghe bài hát Freaky Girls do ca sĩ Lil Wyte; Jelly Roll; V.V.S trình bày ở chất lượng âm thanh 32kbps. Bạn có thể tuỳ chỉnh chất lượng âm thanh nghe nhạc mp3 ở các mức 32kbps, 128kbps. Nếu có bài Freaky Girls - Lil Wyte; Jelly Roll; V.V.S với chất lượng cao hơn thì bạn hãy chia sẻ với mọi người nhé! Bạn được phép nghe nhạc mp3 Freaky Girls, tải nhạc Freaky Girls về máy và xem lời bài hát Freaky Girls hoàn toàn miễn phí.
Freaky Girls
Ca sĩ: Lil Wyte; Jelly Roll; V.V.S

I'm so addicted
I'm so addicted
I'm so addicted
I'm so addicted.

I love to see that long hair, love to see them pretty feet
Love to hit that blunted beach
Man I'm addicted to them freaky girls
Man I'm addicted to them freaky girls
Them freaky girls
I love to see that big ass, love to see them sexy lips
Love to see them curvy hips
Man I'm addicted to them freaky girls
Man I'm addicted to them freaky girls.

[Verse 1:]
I love it when she's wiggling
Bouncing shakin then giggling
I love them freaky girls, I swear that I cannot get rid of them
So gutter, so fine
She's so cool, she fuck with me
I kiss feet, I eat pussy
I'm a straight freak, I suck titties
They know me, yea that's cool
They like what's up with the fat dude?
With his black T and his black shoe and body full of tattoos
And that's just me, forgive me
Baby girl if I seem reckless
I wake at 6 AM to eat the pussy like I need breakfast
The best part of waking up – not no forgers in my cup
It's rolling over, grabbing her butt
One thing on my mind, let's make her nuts
She heard my song, said I was wrong and told me I was white trash
I looked at her, told er the truth, she ain't never had it like that
Fo real.


[Verse 2:]
Okay I'm only as can be and need me a freaky girl
One that will come along in my life and rock my fuckin freaky world
I'm a nasty good for nothing piece of shit that's likes it rough
One that will take whatever you got to give, I like my bitches tough
Throw me down, choke me, slap me, squirt all in my fuckin face
She gonna be drippin from the ceiling
Let's go on and wreck this place
Motel sex, 25$, burn this vodka, a box of condoms
Bag of kush, cigarillos and Xanax
That'll be a price that's showin tomorrow
I'm a dirty dawg and she knows it
Freaky Girls lyrics on ChiaSeNhac.vn
That's the whole reason she goin
She kept fuckin and blowin
I finally came around, 8 in the morning
I tote that pussy up and I burn er down til I smell hair
I rock the show then I rocked yo hoe
Put on my clothes and got the hell from there.


[Verse 3:]
I love the super freaks, new pussy so clean you could hear it squeak
When she suck that man you see my dick prayin in er cheek
That pussy wet, I got the shoe like the sprinkle
The thick drought crazy, I tell er to use a blinker
She so freaky, I can't keep her home for me
Fire head, she might suck my balls right off of me
Yea, let me tell you bout last night
Look, me her and a friend that I met last night
Yea, they both was superfreaks
I know that I may reach er and pull out last now
Yea, kush and Ciroc for the Bronx
Oh ménage and some head I'mma supply like yea.


Freaky Girls - Lil Wyte; Jelly Roll; V.V.S
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