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Cypher - Hit-Boy

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Ca sĩ: Hit-Boy

And I say one for the money, three for the show
Roll up, cause we know that all the bad bitches smoke
Your competition is past fictional
Get in stop like a bad pictural, magnifical
These niggers is getting old, my team's too strong
Kevin knows, take your watches on, I'm the new dawn
And the only problem I know is rhyme flow
Put me on a court with the opposition and I'll score.

Try not to use cash, so my check's on for purpose
Everytime I sign for a blessing I use my cursing
Got scruffs on my ten sort dollar, so it was worth it
Cocaine white suits to your angel before we mark him
Hard for the work, niggers, eyes let of work
I got a bitch and I ain't cashing before 40, let it turn
Nothing changed, rain jamming at your frame, nigger
And the clothes get the rain with the fame nigger.

Prices torn don't wrap the code like DaVinci, no nigger tame me
Generational curse, attracting whiskey till it was empty
Drive eyes off that photo, hundred dreams of an empty
Pocket full of a dead white man, I pray to master don't linch me
Step your game up, your wife, does she been around
I text her after crack of dawn, tap tap and the sing is done
My granny momma cause my sister's room was up in that track
Is them drugs up on my counter, no mamma, that's simalax.

I just pull up thirty k to ankle front
See I came up from the bottom, I may get everything I want
See the homies on the holla, I won't change, I want my blunt
So now we have to eat, cause we be starving days of month
Since is the must that we can trust, nobody but us, be ready to bus
Since you come, but I comprise that this ain't what you want
See, I do this shit for fun, screaming HS87 till I'm done
Now I'm done.

Stop the beat, here comes the strutter
Grab your popcorn, grab your water
Grab your daughter cause she watching cause I start like it's the part
See, I'm born here like a man, finger on the trigger
Got money all in my pocket, on my IE nigger name
Wu-Tang, that nigger I tend to be exact
You hope to hear from a real nigger one day, well this is that
I got that crack and I got that ex on me
RK and I got my bat on me, Tony Montana gave them that rack
It's just 87, nigger, that's that, I'm gone.

No need for me for getting involved
You be hit with a bat wrapped in a cloth
Bring some blind shades and fades
Everybody on the floor in a cave
My young gliggidy glock out of my stick ready intact
Can't wrap me in a bag, I'm corn pop
You wrote so I mend it with a rock
Gotta hustle, I won't stop.

Wash your hands before you shake mine
You was talking shit, I heard it through your great vain
Yet, is a lot of poppers on the sideline
So the young baller had to go baseline
I'm a black nigger with money like Akon
You met the squad with it, I say hey quad
Peace and grass, live and grow, that's my day job
Young Veggies attract hoes like a Tray song.

California, crystal ferdona manifesto
Hit-Boy hip hop, I started on a metro
But now I'm in that retro Ferrari tuxedo
With the pedal to the floor, got it singing like a retard
If you're scared get a dog or a preacher
Get a hot spot with a bitch resembling Mona Lisa
Priceless, I'm righteous, I walk to talk,
I am Kud Cold K, you are soft and less
Cause your bite ain't as bad as your bark
After you're inside with the embrion I swam with the sharks
Cause no I smell blood no boarder
I'm taking over like the new world order
Witness the game last floor.

Still sipping rose like cello de rose
Kilos on the Cuban link, they thought it was hoes
Cypher lyrics on ChiaSeNhac.vn
Fascinated with golds, niggers' intelligent hoes
Before you get to crew you must get a boat
Elevated the elevators and the walk flights
Young niggers lick shots for the mad nights.

Ride with me although the drive is tipsy
Avoid the police so is calling 50 to get me
Caught me talking to city, never talking to jiggy, man
I rather talk to Whitney, condolence to Barby Chrissy
Pouring out for real like an NBA skill
Feel a little scrappy with the steady cave grill
And you ain't got to ask me if it's homicide hill
Don't even ask me, this is homicide hit.

I'm from the era, big or small, TOC waterfalls
Find down bags by the mini-mall
I got your whole city locked online, this is back mine
I be throwing ones like a titty bar
You're fucking with a grown man, boy
I plug two like coins in that memo on your android
For 10 G you can talk to the boss
In my experience I'm like Jordan in the court, nigger.

Pirates parts and guess shorts
Yeah, we flow to the best sport
Man, I'm underwater flipping quarters
The cold gold trap on the globe
Like mat in the room
Metal man cause straps in his gold
Party villain innocent fan and blast, it was a dream
He had this theme in the tight like skinny jeans
You know by any means we will bring the magazines out in the clap
Then down like Louis guise
This whole rap with mean is cold in cuisine
Join the horses get on top of them and back
I'm on a win spaceship,
Love this metharine, stepping on this way shit
Shake your hand, blow your head up and kill the queens
The dumb ones know what they do, I'm just stop flying
And I be you when the time grind in the scenes
Remember to pledge allegiance to the team
When more reasons, more fire down and more squeezes.

Cypher - Hit-Boy
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