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Not Today - Alessia Cara

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Not Today
Ca sĩ: Alessia Cara
Sáng tác: Alessia Cara
Album: Not Today (Single) Listen Album
Sản xuất: Def Jam (2018)

[Verse 1:]
Someday I won't be afraid of my head
Someday I will not be chained to my bed
Someday I'll forget the day he left
But surely not today
One day I won't need a PhD
To sit me down and tell me what it all means
Maybe one day it'll be a breeze
But surely not today, but surely not today.

Oh you don't know what sadness means
'Till you're too sad to fall asleep
One day I'll be snoozing peacefully
But surely not today, surely not today.

[Verse 2:]
One day I'll swear the pain will be a blip
I'll have the hardest time recalling it
I'll be the king of misery management
But surely not today
One day that song won't make me cry anymore (oh no no)
One day I'll get up off the bathroom floor (hey yeah)
Oh, piece by piece I'll be restored
But surely not today, surely not
Eh, not today.
Not Today lyrics on

Oh you don't know what happy means
If it's only in your dreams
I'll be acquainted with my jollities
But surely not today, yeah surely not today.

Surely not-, surely, surely not
Surely not-, surely not today.

One day the thought of him won't hurt the same
Won't need distractions to get through the day
I guess I hope I'm gonna be okay
'Cause I'm not today.

Not Today - Alessia Cara
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