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ILL Manors - Plan B

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ILL Manors
Ca sĩ: Plan B
Album: Now That's What I Call Music! 82 CD2 Listen Album
Năm phát hành: 2012

Let's all go on an urban safari
We might see some illegal migrants
Oi look there's a chav
That means council housed and violent
He's got a hoodie on give him a hug
On second thoughts don't you don't wanna get mugged
Oh shit too late that was kinda dumb
Whose idea was that stupid
He's got some front, ain't we all
Be the joker, play the fool
What's politics, ain't it all
Smoke and mirrors, april fools
All year round, all in all
Just another brick in the wall
Get away with murder in the schools
Use four letter swear words coz we're cool
We're all drinkers, drug takers
Every single one of us buns the herb
Keep on believing what you read in the papers
Council estate kids, scum of the earth
Think you know how life on a council estate is
From everything you've ever read about it or heard
Well it's all true, so stay where you're safest
There's no need to step foot out the burbs
Truth is here, we're all disturbed
We cheat and lie its so absurd
Feed the fear that's what we've learned
Fuel the fire
Let it burn.

Oi, i said oi
What you looking at you little rich boy
We're poor round here, run home and lock your door
Don't come round here no more, you could get robbed for
Real (yeah) because my manors ill.

My manors ill
For real
Yeah you know my manors ill, my manors ill!

You could get lost in this concrete jungle
New builds keep springing up outta nowhere
Take the wrong turn down a one way junction
Find yourself in the hood nobody goes there
We got an eco friendly government
They preserve our natural habitat
Built an entire olympic village
Around where we live without pulling down any flats
Give us free money and we don't pay any tax
ILL Manors lyrics on
Nhs healthcare, yes please many thanks
People get stabbed round here there's many shanks
Nice knowing someone's got our backs when we get attacked
Don't bloody give me that
I'll lose my temper
Who closed down the community centre
I kill time there used to be a member
What will i do now until september
Schools out, rules out, get your bloody tools out
London's burning, i predict a riot
Fall in fall out
Who knows what it's all about
What did that chief say? Something bout the kaisers
Kids on the street no they never miss a beat, never miss a cheap
Thrill when it comes their way
Lets go looting
No not luton,
The high street's closer cover your face
And if we see any rich kids on the way we'll make 'em wish they stayed inside
Here's a charge for congestion, everybody's gotta pay
Do what boris does rob them blind.

[Chorus x2]

ILL Manors - Plan B
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